Hornbeck Apprentice Training Program

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Does anyone have experience with or insight regarding the Hornbeck apprentice program? I am 40 yrs. old with zero sea time, but have MMC (OS/WIPER), Twic, passport, drivers license, and SSN. What kind of people are they looking for? Am I too old? Do they (Hornbeck) have piles of applications (for the apprenticeship) from younger, more experienced and qualified people?

Per their instructions, I submitted an on-line application for the Nov.-Mar. open enrollment to begin June 2014. Is there anyone here that has applied for this apprenticeship and been contacted for interviews? I wonder how many applicants vs. slots there are. I’ve contacted Hornbeck a few times but don’t want to be a nuisance. Originally, I thought I was a good candidate with a good chance–now, after reading this forum for several months, I think I am a good candidate with a snowballs chance.

Both of my sons are in the SIU apprentice program and while I did consider this, I hope there is a better way for me–a mature person. The 3 month “bootcamp” at Piney Point is more like 2 months of working to keep the campus functioning and (aprox.)1 month actual class time with a bunch of 20-25 yr old guys monkey-f-ing around during down time. I’ve already done bootcamp. From there straight to a ship for 90 days (with virtually no pay), back on the beach for several month waiting to get back to P.P. for 7 weeks of upgrade training. This all equates to about 1 full year of virtually no pay. Ok for young kids, tough for older people with households to run. I haven’t crunched the numbers but its probably cheaper to pay for all of the class/testing as opposed to not getting paid for 1 year–but you would still have the other hurdle, getting foot in door with no experience.

In the mean time, I think I should pony-up and take the BST class and this Maritime Security Awareness(?) class I just learned of. At least then,hypothetically, someone could actually put me to work.

Disclaimer: some of the above might contain stupid questions that have been cover ad nauseum 999,999 times. Please don’t lambaste me, thanks.

Taking BST along with security awareness, rigging, safe gulf, etc. will improve your chances. What will increase your chances even more is going down to the bayou and knocking on doors. A hiring manager that needs to fill a spot is going to pick the guy sitting in the waiting room over the guy sitting on the couch at home any day of the week.

Go for an OS job on a crewboat or utility boat and start building your time. Work your way up through the AB levels to unlimited, and then get on an OSV. The OSV company that I work for does not hire OS, but AB only. Can’t say about the other ones.

Or get on with Chouest as an OS. They have an excellent schooling program for ambitious mariners, and have smaller boats in their fleet that can use OSs.

No, you are not too old. Had an AB who started out that way three years ago, and is now AB Unlimited. He is about 20 years your senior.

HOS’s program sounds awesome.

Iwould also agree with what Water posted. ECO is hard to beat for a person who is motivated to come up through the ranks.

Reading their website you look exactly like what they are looking for. Apply for the ATP and see if you get accepted.

[QUOTE=shadowcajun;129485]Reading their website you look exactly like what they are looking for. Apply for the ATP and see if you get accepted.[/QUOTE]

I agree with that.

I inquired about a year ago and was told that because I was already working as a 100-ton master they were not interested. I also am a veteran and college-educated, so I thought I’d be eligible. Turns out they really do want folks they can train from the deck-up, apparently.

I called today and asked since I was an AB but didn’t have OSV experience if I could apply. I was told no

Call them back and ask if your a chinaman if you can apply.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;129670]Call them back and ask if your a China an if you can apply.[/QUOTE]
Oh autocorrect …

I applied to the 2014 program and was told that we should hear something by May if accepted. The office was very good with communication during my application. I can’t find any info about how many people apply vs. are accepted, but I hope to see you there!

When I was there I inquired about it and they made it seem like it was very difficult to get into the program. Something like they have thousands of applicants and only accdpt 17 a year.

Have you looked into the PMI Workboat Mate Program?

[QUOTE=mtskier;134128]Have you looked into the PMI Workboat Mate Program?[/QUOTE]

I have but cannot afford the 30k+ tuition plus living expenses for 2 years (kids). Otherwise I’d do it.

Dude- get your BST and sec awareness sticker and go to Covington and knock on Hornbeck’s door. Get in as OS. They are actively hiring right now. Might not be a training program but it’s a job.

Every one has access to a training program…it’s called the hawsepipe. Lol

Like this!