Hornbeck 1st half results

First half 2012 results for those that are interested.

Some interesting vessel data toward the bottom of the link article.

I take it you mean footnotes 3 & 4 to the financial statement?

  1. The Company owned 51 new generation OSVs as of June 30, 2012. Excluded from this data is one stacked conventional OSV that the Company considers to be a non-core asset. Also excluded from this data are four MPSVs owned and operated by the Company.

  2. In response to weak market conditions, the Company elected to stack certain of its new generation OSVs on various dates in 2009 and 2010. Due to improved market conditions, the Company had re-activated 12 new generation OSVs as of June 30, 2012. On July 11, 2012, one additional new generation OSV was activated. The Company plans to reactivate its remaining two stacked new generation OSVs during the fourth quarter of 2012, [B]provided it can re-crew such vessels[/B] and complete regulatory drydockings within that timeframe. Active new generation OSVs represent vessels that are immediately available for service during each respective period.

Just seemed an interesting link … plus info on some newbuilds too. Back to work here.

They post the quarterly statements and news articles on the HOS website. FYI