Hopper dredge accommodations

Was offered a job recently on TSHD. I’m just curious about the living conditions and accomodations for an unlicensed engineer on the Weeks and Manson hopper dredges, specifically the newer builds. I’m not worried about the work. I understand the work is dirty and difficult which is no problem. I’ve heard the accommodations are rough but would like more first hand info.

I’m sure they are decent , depends on how good you’re gonna clean it up when you get there

I had also heard that there were poor accom’s on those rigs. Doubled up rooms, one head/shower for the whole crew, no day rooms or anything, just bunks, a shower and a small galley essentially.

Just what I’ve heard from guys over there when I was thinking about switching over to dredge work.

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A lot depends on the age of the vessel, as with every ship.

Usually the accommodation will be as good as any other ship, unless she is old…