Historic Robert E. Lee Destroyed by Fire

ST. LOUIS, March 22 (UPI) – Fire destroyed the [Click HERE to read the full blog article.](http://www.steamb… [url=http://gcaptain.com/maritime/blog/historic-riverboat-robert-e-lee-destroyed-by-fire/)

Damn, that Jake in the second picture is taking some SERIOUS heat waiting for water. Not sure I’d hang out there while the engineer works his magic back on the pumper. (marine engineers and fire apparatus engineers have allot in common, mostly, those of us on the other end aren’t sure how they get things done, but they do!)

Sad, I remember eating on her when I was very young and out visiting family in the St Louis area.

Sad!:frowning: Sternwheelers hold a special place in my heart- having served aboard two.