High docking of rigs

The semi-submersible rig, Deepsea Stavanger, completed a high docking (with thrusters on) in Semco Maritime’s rig yard at Hanøytangen, Bergen, in Q1 2020.

Semco Maritime’s rig yard at Hanøytangen:


Note: Not many dry docks on the world that have the capacity to dock a semisub (or drillship) without removing the thrusters. (High docking)
In fact, most yards require thusters to be remove just to come alongside their wharfs

PS> I have been involved in several removal and re-installations of thrusters in Singapore for that purpose.

Based on the title of this thread, I felt sure this was going to be about some doped up cajuns and their rig docking techniques.


always suprised me that you cant get alongside in Singapore with a semi as its too shallow.

You can, but not with thrusters sticking down under the hull.
The semisubs built at Keppel and Sembcorp’s Jurong shipyard had their thrusters installed at the anchorage.
Or carried on their deck if transported by HLV:
(Own picture from the loading of Semisub “Noble Jim Day” in 2010)

DP Semi Rigs/Drillships coming for repairs/conversion removed thrusters at the anchorage before going alongside and re-installed on departure.