HFO Contamination Feedwater

Call for help - professional marine engineers - have a Wartsila Power Barge with 8 x 8.8MW W20V32 diesels. We recently had several HFO booster unit heaters fail which contaminated our steam condensate and hence feedwater system. We are now struggling not only with boiler efficiency issues but also some physical damage. We have identified the source of the leaks and repaired but we still need to clean and flush the feedwater system. Can anyone recommend a readily available product/s and/or professional companies (preferably in the Oceania region) that we can use to flush and clean our system preferably online?

I’ve never had to use it thank God, but Drew Marine makes a chemical for this called Liquid Coagulant. In the product data sheet, it says that offline cleaning is preferred for extensive contamination but once you get out of the extensive range (whatever that is), then it is dosed continuously.


Drew is a world wide company so I’m sure they could help you out.

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Thank you Hawespiper appreciated - have reached out to Drew Marine as well as Wilhelmsen. Also there is a product out of Houston USA called FQE Solvent ME we are considering.

Oh so that’s what that’s for!

Drew is pretty good about answering questions and coming up with a plan for you.

Cheers Cat Herder - you’re right Drew back to me within a few hours with sage advice.