Hercules 265 blowout

Just saw a brief article on KATC.com Anyone hear about it?


[B]Hercules Jackup Suffers Loss of Well Control in U.S. Gulf of Mexico[/B]

Hercules Offshore (NASDAQ: HERO) reported Tuesday that it is currently experiencing “a well control incident” on board its jack-up drilling rig, Hercules 265, in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Hercules notes in a press statement that all personnel have been evacuated and efforts are ongoing to regain control of the natural gas well.

The rig is on contract with Walter Oil & Gas Corporation and operating at block South Timbalier 220 in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, located about 55 miles offshore Louisiana in 154 feet of water.

According to a statement today by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), the rig was doing completion work on a sidetrack well to prepare the well for production. The operator reports that 47 personnel have been evacuated safely, the BSEE statement said. The well is flowing gas and no oil is being released, BSEE added.

BSEE inspectors conducting an overflight reported a light sheen one-half mile by 50 feet, which is dissipating almost immediately.

“Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of all personnel aboard our drilling rig and we have taken every necessary precaution to safely evacuate the rig. Furthermore, efforts are ongoing with our client, Walter Oil & Gas, to mobilize the necessary resources to regain control of the well and minimize any potential impact on the environment, ” said John T. Rynd, CEO and President of Hercules Offshore.

Hercules 265 is a 250′ mat-supported cantilevered jackup unit.

Houston-based Hercules Offshore operates a fleet of 40 jackup rigs, including two Keppel FELS Super A high-specification, harsh-environment jackup rigs, and 24 liftboats.

I’m not surprised. A lot of those Hercules jack up rigs are really aged and don’t seem well taken care of. I’m not sure how some of those guys sleep on such a rust bucket that high in the air.

Worked with the 202. Charlie Foxtrot!

[QUOTE=“pogey-poboy;115390”]Just saw a brief article on KATC.com Anyone hear about it?[/QUOTE]

Got Coast Guard Sector New Orleans’ end of it as it was happening this morning. Sounded like the Max Cheramie was picking up the lifeboat(s). Didn’t hear anything about loss of life or injury.

It blew as we were passing last night…1 hell of a fireball…

Latest photo of the rig on fire just sent to us: http://gcaptain.com/hercules-jackup-rig-catches-fire-loss-control/

Oh boy, here we go again…

Rob, the pictures you posted today of the rig which is on fire appears to be a different rig than than the one pictures yesterday. If you’ll notice the jackup legs are different. Have I had too much coffee or is it just me?

shit. Very good point. Thanks for the catch on that…

If anyone has photos of this thing on fire, please send them to rob@gcaptain.com

So how bad is this going to be for the OSV companies hiring? Should I put my plans on taking a DP class and heading to LA on hold??

Shouldn’t effect anything.

[QUOTE=“rob;115458”]If anyone has photos of this thing on fire, please send them to rob@gcaptain.com…[/QUOTE]

From the radio traffic yesterday, no fire and very little oil on the water. Not to say there wasn’t a fireball when it went pop.

That pilot in the video was a few bricks short of a full load for flying near, and over the gas cloud.

He would have been toast had the explosion taken place then.

I’m 10 miles from the rig. I can assure you it is burning. I’ll try and post some pictures once I get a little closer.

[QUOTE=“ElCapitan;115465”]I’m 10 miles from the rig. I can assure you it is burning. I’ll try and post some pictures once I get a little closer.[/QUOTE]

Right on. Eyes-on beats hearing half a radio conversation anytime :wink:

From 6 miles away.

Here is a couple of better pictures.

Ahh hell. Attachments don’t seem to work. Can you send them to info@gcaptain.com so I can get them up?