Help regarding Chart Plotting

Was wondering if anyone would be able to help I am currently testing for 1600 Mate passed everything except my plotting my question is about characteristics of coast lines is there material in the room during testing to help out with this or a good way to memorize the drawings of coastline. I did not see anything in the room regarding this but just thought I would ask. This seems to be a problem for me.


Look at the symbols along the shoreline and look it up in Chart 1. I think Chart 1 is allowed into the room?

Try tho Coast Pilot… If you are asking what I think you are asking, the correct answer will be word for word… (high rocky cliff with grassy ledge…)

Chart 1 is not allowed in the test room.

I remember seeing parts of chart 1 in the Coast Pilot or maybe Bowditch. Bowditch (the exam room version) has a lot of stuff you wouldn’t expect to see.

But like JW-Oceans said, look up the features in the Coast Pilot, and they’ll be in there word for word. One part that initially tripped me up was if the question dealt with a large section of coast line and there were multiple types of topography. Just read the question time and again until you are comfortable with the Coast Pilot’s answer.

Look around the chart too. A lot of times in one corner of the chart or another they will have a selection of abbreviations and descriptors of drawings on the chart.

[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;61044]Chart 1 is not allowed in the test room.[/QUOTE]

My bad - it’s been a while. Coast pilot is the place to go!

Yeah, it’s deceptive. Chart 1 is such a handy reference that it seems like it should be. Plus, I have never worked on a vessel with bowditch, but almost all had chart 1.

You can find the coast pilot volumes on-line. Grab a chart and search out the information in the coast pilot. It would also be worth your while to buy a coast pilot volume and read it cover to cover to see how much information is included.

Well guys took the test today and passed thank you all for the help as I had a question about this and coast pilot had it exactly word for word could not of done it without the responses thanks again.

Nice job. Congrats