Help offshore research - report whale shark sightings!

Hi Captains,
The rest of this message is geared towards fishermen, but we need your help too! The offshore petroleum industry has been a huge supporter of our whale shark research in the past and present. We are tremendously grateful. Please help spread the word!
Thank you!!!


[B]Important Offshore Research needs your support![/B]

[li][B]Yellowfin Telemetry Study – [/B]Big reward for returning yellowfin tags! Fishermen focus up![/li][li][B]Whale shark sighting survey – [/B]Help direct tagging trips![/li][/ol]

[li][B]Tuna Telemetry[/B]: The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is using state-of-the-art technology to study the movements, distribution, and habitat preferences of yellowfin tuna throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico. To do so, we are surgically implanting archival tags into the belly of the tuna, or attaching an external satiellite tag near the dorsal fin. [B][U]WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH TAG RETURNS![/U][/B] When you capture a tagged fish, record the exact GPS coordinates and the date and time of capture. Also, providing an accurate length measurement will support growth rate studies. [U]Carefully remove the tag from the fish[/U]. With the internal tags, you will see the light stalk protruding from the abdomen of the fish, which we need to be intact with the body of the tag inside the cavity. A [B][U]BIG REWARD[/U][/B] is offered for a tag returned to the scientist, the reward value is higher if the tag is in good shape and can be reused. The reward line is 855-728-8247 or[/li][li][B]Whale Shark Survey: [/B]The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) Whale Shark Sighting Survey is still collecting data on whale shark distribution in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This data is vital to supporting directed tagging research in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. If you encounter a whale shark, please participate in GCRL’s ONLINE WHALE SHARK SIGHTINGS SURVEY. Submitting reports in the same day as the sighting, will allow researcher to direct tagging crews to the most probable location of whale shark encounters.[/li][/ol]
To Report a Sighting:
Please complete the [B]ONLINE survey at[/B]
Email: whalesharksurvey at gmail dot com or call 228-872-4257

Information that is helpful to us includes:

[li]Time and duration of encounter[/li][li]Location (GPS coordinates)[/li][li]Approximate size and number of sharks[/li][li]Observed behavior[/li][li]Associated species[/li][li]Photos/video – GOT A GoPro with a POLE MOUNT? Please try to obtain footage of the LEFT side of the shark covering the area from the gills to the dorsal fin[/li][li]Any other distinguishing features (i.e. numbered marker tags located behind the dorsal fin—please notate number)[/li][/ul]

Your participation in this research is greatly appreciated and vital to a better understanding of yellowfin and whale shark movements and habitat use in the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you.

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