Problem with whale shark website

It has come to my attention that there has been a problem with our web server and reports on our online survey have NOT been forwarded to my inbox. The problem is being resolved, however if you have reported a whale shark sighting from 8/15/11 to present, we may not have received the information. Please take a moment to email me directly to report your sighting:

Jennifer (dot) mckinney (at) usm (dot) edu (typed this way to avoid spam-bots)

As it may take some time to fix this problem, please report all whale shark sightings to the email address above until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please forward this information to anyone you know who has recently encountered a whale shark in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Information that is helpful to us includes:

[li]Time and duration of encounter[/li][li]Location (GPS coordinates)[/li][li]Approximate size and number of sharks[/li][li]Observed behavior[/li][li]Associated species[/li][li]Photos/video (especially of the region behind the gill slits on the left side of the animal—this is used for identification) [/li][li]Any other distinguishing features (i.e. numbered marker tags located behind the dorsal fin—please notate number)[/li][/ul]

Your participation is greatly appreciated and vital to a better understanding of whale shark movements and habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you.

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