Helm orders?

Going to do my watches for my RFPNW, I think I know all of my helm orders but I just wanted to brush up on them to make sure I don’t forget and look stupid on the bridge. All my books are at home and I have googled for 30 minutes and could not find a complete list of helm orders and definitions, just basic on Wikipedia. does anyone know of any online???



Most important command isn’t even in one of those books. #1 Always pee before ship maneuvers.

Hard Right/Left= 35 degrees right or left
Full Right/left= 30 degrees right left
Finished with wheel= do down and help tie up
Mind your rudder= get your head out of your ass
Mind your rudder screamed emphatically= your are about to get an unscheduled break




Don’t you have a copy of your assessment to have them signed off?

One last question before I go up to the bridge to do NAV watches and steer at the helm. I know all helm orders, and as far as nav goes I know the whole 32point circle…what else should I know?? I am a good captinan (well I think I am) so I can looks at lights and tell what kind of vessels they are. What else should I know or brush up on?? -Jeff

Change of steering mode, get familiar with it before you have to do the assessment…
You need to be able to detect objects by sound as well as visually too…
Relative bearings will be handy as well as the 32 points, my book say either or…
Emergency alarms…

[QUOTE=Shellback;34992]Change of steering mode, get familiar with it…[/QUOTE]

Reminds me of when I was doing my steering cert. After the first 5 boring hours I knew how to put it in AP mode. Then I did my remaining hours at night with the 3rd Mate (sad lonely souls were always glad of the company!), and when he was turned away I would slip it into auto. 5 mins before the hour was up, back into hand.

[I]I work for msc, I heard they don’t use AP why is that??[/I]

look on the MNC website for forms, the whole list of RPFNW form are there. You fill out one page per item, with a signature from the officer. That way you will know exactly what is going to be expected of you.

Here’s the list as I recall it. (although I am sure i will forget one or three of them)

  1. How do you take helm orders by degree? The PROPER way, not the slacker way!
  2. Steer XXXo Within 2 o of the ordered course.
  3. while steering XXXo course, come right to XXXo plus 15o.
  4. While steering XXXo, come left to XXXo minus 15o.
  5. Whatever course you are on, remain steady.
  6. Rudder commands: port 5.
  7. starboard 5.
    7 hard to port.
    8 hard to stbd.
  8. midships
  9. while in a turn: Stop and meet at XXXo.
  10. while steering XXXo steer NOTHING to the right.
  11. while steering XXXo steer nothing to the left.
  12. while steering, port 20, ease to 10, ease to 5,
  13. same to port.
  14. while at the helm, how to turn over the wheel.
  15. how to relieve to take over the helm.
  16. shift your rudder.
  17. how to change from AP to hand and back.
  18. how to shift to emergency steering.
  19. and 6 more i forget what they were specifically. maybe navigation lights, whistles, alarms, or maybe some of these were multiple answers.

But the whole list is available on the net… for free!