Helge Ingstad - Salvage Operation

Last press release from the Norwegian Navy was published on Friday 21st December, 2018. There will be no further updates until 3rd January, 2019.

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The wreck of HI has sunk even further into the fjord.
Salvage is complicated by winter storms:

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The wreck has sunk even futher.
Securing wire(s) parted during the storm, but work to reinstate are in progress.
Work with installing chains under the wreck for lifting will resume a.s.a. weather permits:

Doubt about the possibility of reuse after salvage:

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Same as in previous links, but in English.

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Craneship Rambiz has been on site since last Friday.
From the Bergens Tidende:

Hevingen av fregatten kan tidligst begynne 20. januar

For å heve den forliste fregatten KNM Helge Ingstad trenger Forsvaret fem til seks dager med fint vær. Arbeidet kan starte tidligst 20. januar.

Google translated:

The raising of the frigate can begin no earlier than January 20
To raise the sunken frigate KNM Helge Ingstad, the Armed Forces needs five to six days of fine weather. The work can start no earlier than January 20.

The Navy wants new ships now…

Check the animation:

The torpedoes has been removed from HI for safety reasons. They have also been blown up for the same reason. See the spectacular water columns they created:

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The same (?) torpedoes somewhat earlier

I love the torpedo retrieval gear. An old dumpster, some wood, and a couple of foam blocks.



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this is not foam blocks but simply some empty used canisters … you still can see labels on them from whatever used to in them before … I used the very similar to make an raft near home !


Even better!



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List of all films about H.I. from the pages of the “Morze” (sea) magazine
(some of them were mentioned before but not all) :

Removing transport and launch containers from the NSM board from Helge Ingstad

Sting Ray torpedo extraction from the deck of FrR Helge Ingstad (F 313)

Divers from Minedykkerkommandoen in action at FrR Helge Ingstad

Detonation of torpedoes excavated from the deck of Helge Ingstad (F 313)

Everything ready for the salvage operation. Now only waiting for a 5-6 days weather window:

Defense: - Everything ready for raising

The defense is ready to raise KNM “Helge Ingstad”, they write in a press release Thursday. Now they are just waiting for the weather to improve. They need five to six days of good weather to raise the vessel. Meanwhile, they will be practicing at the frigate.

![KNM Helge Ingstad 5th February 2019]


To get 5-6 days with below 10 m/s (20 kts.) wind and 1/2 m. swell on the west coast of Norway in Febr. may be wishful thinking, but I believe these parameters may be stretched a bit depending on wind direction.

5 day forecast for the area:

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yet another underwater video (for those who do not know Norwegian)

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Why the torpedoes were exploded :

“The seawater activated batteries in the torpedoes can react in contact with air and cause fire and harmful smoke,” said on-scene commander Captain Bengt Berdal. “Based on thorough professional assessments of the condition and alternatives, it was decided to detonate the torpedoes.”

Forced flow types used for powering torpedoes can deliver over 300kW for 10 minutes


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The salvage operation MAY be under way. Link to direct video:

Looks to me like they are tensioning up the slings, but can find no confirmation that the go-ahead has been given. (nor that the operation has been postponed)

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This link should work >>>
…then click on the top image with the crane barge

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The operation has started: