Have YOU written to your Congressperson about the NEW License Regs?

Have YOU written your Congressperson (Rep or Senator) concerning the Proposed NEW Licensing Regulations being imposed using STCW compliance as a rational by the USCG?

It is YOUR livelyhood and career on the line…

Since the official comment period has “closed” now, one of the only ways to get your concerns on the record and to obtain consideration by the USCG is to ask your member of Congress (Representative or Senator) to make inquiries and to place your concerns before the USCG for consideration.

Further, since the stated rationale for these sweeping changes is to comply with the STCW convention regulations, your congressperson just might be concerned about the [FONT=Georgia]usurpation of their “power” by an international body and just may start asking questions about our participation in this international agreement without maintaining the necessary FLEXIBILITY to respond to the needs of United States Citizen Mariners.[/FONT]

Its your career, protect it.