Hanjin container ships sailing in ballast?

My mother-in-law has a crow’s nest view of the roadsteads and approaches for the port of Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. In the last few months, she’s seen several Hanjin ships leaving (maybe arriving, too?) completely in ballast. I checked one, and marinetraffic.com thought it was bound toward the Philippines. Yesterday was the second time HANJIN SCARLET was seen departing, sailing in ballast.

Bankruptcy or not, I’d have thought these ships would be on a route seeing them either carrying more cargo to other west coast ports down to LA/Long Beach, or at least carrying empty cans west across the Pacific. I know strange things are done in bankruptcy, but this seems TOO strange.

Any ideas?


I’ve been wondering, too. We sail by the container terminal every day on the way to school, and see this sometimes. Beats me.