Hail to the Chief Petty Officers


Some of the finest sailors and individuals I’ve sailed with were CPO’s who mentored me as a young petty officer. I’d thank them personally if I could. BMC Barry White…BMCM Brad Steigleder.


Concur 110%.

I not only had the benefit of some great CPOs when I was a young petty officer, but as a “mustang” I continued to learn from them as a Division Officer, a Department Head and yes, as XO I still learned a lot from the GSCM who was Command Master Chief.

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Have one next door was master chief on the Guam. Participated in the fated rescue of the Iranian hostages. Helo guy. HMS 12 or something like that. They disbanded after Guam and he retired.

I recall Chief Quartermaster Wilson from the CGC Confidence. He spend the most of his career in Alaska and he loved navigating in Alaskan waters.

I often stood watch with him at night, he used to spend a few minutes every watch going over the chart with me. The good part was that he would use his left hand to trace of the details of the coast on the chart while imparting local knowledge, the bad news was in his right hand he would hold his lit cigarette, also on the chart table but directly under my nose.

I never complained as I figured the knowledge was worth eating a little smoke.

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