Guys, anybody can help me find the first ALST job?

I know it sounds lame, but I had no idea how hard it is to find a job after finishing the expensive school (which I did and was the best in class, but who cares) if you don’t have a dad or brother or relative or friend or someone working offshore.

I’d appreciate any help people… tips, contacts, whatever…

I have diploma, medical, survival and all that, so…

Thanks anyway… :slight_smile:

Please forgive my ignorance. What is an “ALST job”?

[QUOTE=shoot31;30360]Please forgive my ignorance. What is an “ALST job”?[/QUOTE]

I was going to ask the same thing Shoot, but you beat me to it…also, what expensive school, and what kind of license or documentation does he or she have?

Global Industries has a current opening for LST. You can view job postings here:

Life Support Tech.?..okay, what does the" A " , stand for?

Maybe assistant?

It’s Assistant Life Support Technician.

That’s what you are before becoming LST. It’s an introduction into the whole thing, where one starts.

I have an IMCA ALST diploma, and everything else needed, except someone to help me get the job.

Thanks ‘10talents’, I checked it out, they search for an experienced LST, which I hardly am… thanks anyway :slight_smile: