GRT/NRT has been replaced by GT/NT in all international trade since 1982

GRT/NRT has been replaced by GT/NT in all international trade since 1982.
GT/NT is the basis for calculating port due, canal fees, pilotage charges etc. all over the world. (incl. for foreign flag ships calling US ports.)

How is this solved for those US-flag ship that is only measured in GRT/NRT if/when they call at foreign ports, or use foreign canals and waterways?

PS> I believe US-flag ships in regular foreign trade are measured in GT/NT, or have dual tonnage?

Sorry, just curious.
It still got to do with the GRT/GT dilemma, though. I presume domestic trade boat sometime have to be moved from east to west via the Panama Canal, or v.v.
What about for boats using the inside passage to/from Alaska?

Is this is a problem that anybody here have experienced, or is there a simple “work around” for this as well?

PS> This was in reply to this post;

Most US vessels I’ve worked on were inspected, dual tonnage, with GRT and GT on the Coast Guard Issued COI, and were issued a tonnage certificate by Class with GT. For your example of moving from west coast to east coast via Panama, on a small passenger vessel I worked on, 99 GRT, we got a load line exemption certificate from ABS, as allowed by IMO, but if I recall correctly that came with a GT number for port fees, Panama, etc.

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Suez Canal uses SCNT (Suez Canal Net Tonnage)

Yes both the Panama and Suez Canal Authorities use special tonnages for calculating their fees.
Here about the Panama Canal Tonnage:


The Suez Canal Nett Tonnage (SCNT) is close to the vessels International Gross Tonnage
SCNT is roughly half the vessels deadweight

Source: Suez Canal toll Calculator | Leth

The rest of the world use GT/NT (ITC’69) for ALL fees and regulatory purposes (incl. maritime licenses) with the exception of USA. Wouldn’t it make it simpler for everybody (especially US Mariners) if the US did the same?

PS> US is a signatory to the ITC’69, STCW’78 w/amendments and a full member of IMO, thus have to follow the regulation. (Except in US inland waters). Why??

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The Panama Canal may call it PC/UMS but the tonnage they use is the one listed on the standard International Tonnage Certificate (1969 ITC).

There you see, we CAN agree on something :clap:


Only International GT should be used for US licenses.

All US vessels should have a measured GT (or an implided 500, 3000, or over 3000, GT until they can be measured at next dry dock).

US Coastwise, Great Lakes, and Ocean licenses (CoC) should follow the STCW scheme: 500 GT, 3000 GT, and Unlimited.

No more bullshit intermediate tonnage restrictions that are meaningless distinctions without a difference. No more separate, but interlinked national and international licenses. Just STCW 500, 3000, and unlimited.

Do it just like the rest of the World.

This would be a very simple rulemaking.
That could be accomplished in about one year.

For Inland licenses and vessels: who cares? Why would it matter? those could stay the same as they are now, or be more gradually modernized and transitioned toward GT and the STCW standard.


And while you are at it, join ILO’s MLC’06 :rofl:

And ratify UNCLOS:

The United States already recognizes the UNCLOS as a codification of customary. international law, it has not ratified it.

The US also enforce “Freedom of Navigation” per UNCLOS and want a say so in deep sea mining, but without having to comply with rules it don’t like.

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We are letting over 1,000,000 unvetted people, many of whom are criminals, per year walk over the Southern Boarder.

Given that sorry circumstance, what harm would it do if a few thousand foreign sailors jumped ship in the US each year?

Might as well sign the MLC.

Yes, it would be. Every active member on this board I’ve ever seen an opinion from agrees.

You jumping in on a discussion about the system we’re stuck with to dig on the American system is a perfect example of your constant anti American comments.

The US allowed shore leave BEFORE Covid 19 I believe? How many foreign seafarers jumped ship in the US per year then?

Europe have the same problem with illegal immigrants entering by sea and land but do not restric shore leave. How many seafarers jump ship in rich European countries that are signatories to MLC’06?

PS> How would US marines react if they were banned from foreign ports because of their profession?

I don’t know, but I’ve had deckhands that came to the USA that way.

I’ve read that Norwegians can complain about a lot of things in their country: bad roads, lack of cantines in Norwegian schools, the quality of the salmon industry in Norway, the oil money not being spent adequately and so have you. If you, as a foreigner, raise a single criticism against Norway, they will be shocked that you dare say their salmon is bad or their roads could be better.

Yet Bugge seems to be an expert on how Americans do things wrong.

Yes they do complain about a lot of things, including the bad weather, bad roads, high taxes, high prices etc. Some complain about too many cruise tourists arriving too. (>6 Mill. last year)
There is no end to what people complain about.

If you should have anything to complain about, feel free. If somebody take offence, so be it. ignore it.
They will soon forget and find something else to be offended about.

I participate in discussions here under my name and as a seafarer, not as a spokesman for Norway, or anybody else. If you don’t like my comments, please feel free to ignore them.

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So have I. I’ve even had a couple guys who jumped overboard from outbound ships and swam ashore.

The US hunts deserters from ships much more aggressively than other illegal migrants. At least if used to.

There use to be a lot of deserters being held in cheap motels for months by private security at the ships expense while asylum claims were being processed. I don’t know if they do that anymore.

I’ve seen foreign flag private yacht crew (mostly Brits, South Africans, Kiwis, harassed by immigration.

I know one Brit kid who had to fly out before deportation. The yacht stayed too long in the US. He then went to Tijuana and walked across the Border speaking Spanish with his long blonde hair and bright blue eyes in order to be reunited with his waiting American Sugar Momma.

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I’d rather not be that type.

Unfortunately, you have dominated this forum to the extent that your comments overwhelm all others. To ignore your comments I minimize my visits. I guess I keep coming back hoping things have improved. :sleepy:

Stop complaining about everything i do and say then.