Gross Registered Tons for CG Cutters

anybody know the GRT for 225’ buoy tenders? I cant find it anywhere.

You’re not going to find it… GRT is a bean counting figure related to commercial vessels and their cargos spaces. Displacement tonnage is all you get with “military” vessels.

Sinquet, After reading your post i myself got curious to know the grt of the 225’ tender.I could not find GRT either like jeffrox said,But i did find that they have an GT ITC of 1928 and displacement was 2000 i beleive, hope you can use this?

thanks jeff and fairtry. I knew it was 2000 tons displacement. i got an old list of all the GT of CG vessels but didnt have the 225’ buoy tenders on there. Fairtry, where did you find that info?

I got the ITC tonnage from the coast guard psix site and i think i googled juniper class tenders for the displacement.

Siquet, I’m not sure what the exact conversion is, but I know that the NMC counted my 225’ sea-time somewhere around 1400GRT, I want to say. I know for a fact it’s not unlimited. Give them a call, I know it’s frustrating-but they [U]should [/U]have the chart right in front of them. If you catch’em on a good day you might be able to get an answer without experiencing an aneurysm.

Thanks sea-k. They gave me a list of all boats and cutters dated 1998, too early for 225’s and 175’s. Oh well, thank for the info. I’ll keep pestering them.

I think they consider the 270s unlimited. However 225s have greater displacement tonnage so im not sure how they calculate it.

[QUOTE=sinquet;30567]anybody know the GRT for 225’ buoy tenders? I cant find it anywhere.[/QUOTE]

  1. Tonnage. The majority of military vessels are not measured in gross or net tonnage.
    Therefore, it is necessary for the evaluating officer to estimate the gross tonnage of the
    vessels for which experience is claimed. The formula “DISPLACEMENT x .57” provides
    an acceptable estimate of gross tonnage (use full load displacement). Jane’s Fighting
    Ships is an excellent reference for finding the vital statistics of U.S. military vessels. It is
    likely that this source will provide the displacement for most military vessels. All Coast
    Guard high endurance cutters (WHECs), medium endurance cutters (WMECs) of the Bear
    class only (270 foot cutter), icebreakers (WAGBs), and the USCGC Eagle are over 1600
    gross tons. All other Coast Guard vessels currently in service are less than 1600 gross
    tons. Former Coast Guard vessels of 255 feet (77 meters) and up were over 1600 gross

I was researching another question in the MSM and ran across this, hope it helps…

Oddly enough, if the 270’ WMEC is counted towards “Unlimited” Why then, would the 225 WLB not qualify since her displacement is greater? I am not sure NMC considered a look at the cargo dimensions when applying the potentially less than liberal Displacement X.57 method. Perhaps, I am wrong, but I am sitting in front on a copy of the ABS Certificate of Classification for a 175’ WLM (Coastal Buoy Tender) and the Gross Tonnage is actually 903 GRT. If you go by displacement tons alone, it is actually 840 tons. Is the certificate inaccurate or is the tender compartmentized as such to rate a higher GRT than displacement? If so, for military vessels, why not allow displacement? I plan on calling ABS, Marinette, and the CG Program Mgr for WLB as Headquarters to see if we can’t come up with an accurate GRT for the 225’. “Finding” it over 1,600 tons would be huge boost for all looking to go unlimited or for their FCP. If you apply the X .57 method she only rates 1, 140 GRT - again an inconsistency when contrasted to the 270’ (1,850 displacement ton 270’). Also the verbiage in the MSM as you can suspect was outdated. When the 225s were introduced, the CG upped its inventory with 16 vessels over 1,600 Tons. Apologize for any spelling errors. If anybody has an accurate, validated, quaified (No questimate) GRT for the 225’ please pass on in reply.

CG Warrant to Lieutenant with 2 WLB rides.

Did you ever get an answer? Did NMC stick with 2000 tons X.57 for your for sea service eval?? [QUOTE=sinquet;30567]anybody know the GRT for 225’ buoy tenders? I cant find it anywhere.[/QUOTE]

No, but according to the NMC, the Coast Guard RB-S 25’ & RB-Sii 29’ boats all count as 5.6 GRT. Go figure.

225 equaled 1421 GRT is what NMC said in 2012 on my letter

What up Justin VH?