Gringos Invade Venezuela

Pointy stick! Pointy stick!

Hope so

I finally had time to watch the video & the following of the other captured American. I feel bad for the guys & hope they are just mercenaries chasing cash & not some black-op soldiers following orders. But even if they are still directly on Uncle Sam’s payroll they had to jump through a lot of hoops to get to where they are at & it wasn’t just dumb luck to be locked up in Venezuela.

After the Morse code eye blinking of the downed pilot during Desert Storm I always pay attention to the eyes of captured soldiers. The first guy Luke had a lot of blinking going on but I don’t have the skills to make any sense of it if he was trying to send a signal. I did replay the part where he mentioned Trump & it was different than the other 10 minutes for sure. But again, no clue if it means anything.

The second guy did a good job playing dumb as far as I can tell. If I was going to commit a crime with one of those 2 I would pick to be with the bearded dude. He didn’t say much.

Here’s the second guy who plays his cards close to his chest.

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That was Admiral Denton as a North Korean prisoner.


He is blinking morse code?

Yep, you’re right. I was thinking about downed pilot Jeffrey Zaun in Desert Storm but after doing a Google search nothing says Zaun blinked torture. But that guy Luke Denman has a lot of odd blinking going on IMO.

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Effing smart dude.

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I have never seen or heard of a more clumsy amateurish attempt to overthrow a government. They had no idea, just walked right into it. It surpasses easily Varkensbaai in stupidity. Dream on…


Good article in the Stars and Stripes.

That explains the fiasco in full shocking detail. Training with broom handles by lack of rifles. Even less than amateurish.

Looks like Jordan ignored his own advice:

“Nowadays, with the way information travels instantaneously, crisis situations typically do not “just work themselves out.” You need to intervene before the situation escalates…”

they were bored during the lockup and did it as a bet…

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