Great Lakes need STCW or AB?

Hi, I’m relocating from working on tow boats on the ohio river to the Detroit area soon and will be looking for jobs on the Great Lakes or Detroit river. On either tugs (harbor or line) or passenger boats, I’m wondering if I will need the STCW BST or similar, or if they use the AB certifications up there as well, for working on the deck? It appears coastal boats use these but I’m wondering if I’ll need them up there. Can’t seem to find an answer in my google searches.


No STCW needed on the US side of the Lakes.

By a Memorandum of Understanding with Canada, STCW isn’t required for U.S. vessels in Canadian waters, if your credentials are valid for service in the U,.S. they are valid in Canada.

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Ok great. Thanks so much for the replies.