Great Captains in literature or "I like the cut of your jibb"

started just for Ss&Gs!!

The Sea Wolf / Jack London… Death Larsen’s School of Bridge Resource Management…makes the “Wolf” seem like a puppy!!

any others??

Captain Jebediah Hawks . . . USS Belinda in “Away all Boats”; book is far better than the movie. With the author being a Merchant Officer who also did commissioned time in the Navy during the war, there are great anecdotes throughout the book that illustrate the differences between the Navy and Merchant Marine.

Moby Dick / Herman Melville…Capt, Ahab…“I don’t give reasons. I give orders!”

[I]Captain De Silva

Great or not I LOVE the quote:

“Now, my men, we have begun a long voyage. If we get along well together, we shall have a comfortable time; if we don’t, we shall have hell afloat.—All you’ve got to do is to obey your orders and do your duty like men,—then you’ll fare well enough;—if you don’t, you’ll fare hard enough,—I can tell you. If we pull together, you’ll find me a clever fellow; if we don’t, you’ll find me a bloody rascal.—That’s all I’ve got to say.—Go below, the larboard watch!"

[/I]Richard Henry Dana[I] - [/I][U]Two Years Before The Mast[/U]

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea / Jules Verne

Capt. Nemo…as in I give what is do!!