Grain Question

A 32000 mt deadweight vessel, built in 2002, is chartered to load a 15000 mt parcel of bulk grain. The vessel has an excellent Grain Loading booklet, but the booklet does not bear any approval stamps and the vessel does not seem to have a Document of Authorization. Can the vessel load the projected cargo and still comply with the Grain Code?:confused:

No, you cannot load. You must have a Document of Authorization and an approved grain loading book that has been approved by or on the behalf of your flag… Your agent needs to call NCB and ask them these questions.

There are exemptions to the requirement for the DoA. You might read the grain code. Just a thought.

9 Optional stability requirements for ships without documents of authorization
carrying partial cargoes of bulk grain
9.1 A ship not having on board a document of authorization issued in accordance with
A 3 of this Code may be permitted to load bulk grain provided that:
1 the total weight of the bulk grain shall not exceed one third of the
deadweight of the ship;
.2 all filled compartments, trimmed, shall be fitted with centerline
divisions extending, for the full length of such compartments,
downwards from the underside of the deck or hatch covers to a
distance below the deck line of at least one eighth of the maximum
breadth of the compartment or 2.4 m, whichever is the greater, except
that saucers constructed in accordance with A 14 may be accepted in
lieu of a centreline division in and beneath a hatchway except in the
case of linseed and other seeds having similar properties;
.3 all hatches to filled compartments, trimmed, shall be closed and
covers secured in place;
.4 all free grain surfaces in partly filled cargo space shall be trimmed
level and secured in accordance with A 16, A 17 or A 18;
.5 throughout the voyage the metacentric height after correction for the
free surface effects of liquids in tanks shall be 0.3 m or that given by
the following formula, whichever is the greater:
GM R =
L × B × Vd × 0.25 B - 0.645 Vd × B )
SF × × 0.0875
L = total combined length of all full compartments (metres)
B = moulded breadth of the vessel (metres)
SF = stowage factor (cubic metres per tonne)
Vd = calculated average void depth calculated in accordance with B 1
(Note: metres - not millimetres)
= displacement (tonnes); and

.6 the master demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Administration or
the Contracting Government of the port of loading on behalf of the
Administration that the ship in its proposed loaded condition will
comply with the requirements of this section.

There are other caveats as well, and your cargo is one that fucking up is not an option. Second the motion to contact the NCB.