Government shutdown delays


Here is a list of OECD countries that have had Government shutdown during the last 50 years:


I am not currently a gov’t employee.
However, I’ve been on both sides of the coin therefore i can empathize. I know what its like to be laid off and have the rug pulled from under me with no support from anyone and stressing out on how I’m going to make ends meet. Back pay or not there is simply no excuse for the last 35 days and its a total dick move to just assume the ‘suck it up’ attitude.


The NMC says that the 3 week extension came late enough in the day that the soonest the REC’s will open is Tuesday.


That may be true, but who told you that? The NMC call center? They have no idea. My own bosses are telling me it is likely to be Monday, but I’m still skeptical.

But Tuesday is quite possible. As of Friday evening, there is no “CR” (continuing resolution) from Congress, so when passed, it likely won’t be signed before Saturday. Recall notices to furloughed employees may not get out until Monday, so that would mean return to work on Tuesday.


Fair enough. Yes, it was the call center.


HuffPost laid off about 20 employees around the United States on Thursday, one day after its parent company, Verizon Media, announced it would cut 7 percent of its workforce.

About 750 Verizon Media employees were expected to lose their jobs. That announcement came more than a month after Verizon took a $4.6 billion write-down on HuffPost’s parent company, Oath (now called Verizon Media), which includes AOL, Yahoo and HuffPost.

HuffPost unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East in 2017. A spokesman for the union said at least 15 members had lost their jobs. Two full teams ― the opinion and health sections ― were eliminated.

Pulitzer Prize finalist Jason Cherkis was among the reporters let go.

Sad fact, but it happens every day.

“Today is a big blow to our newsroom and to the world of journalism,” Mathias said. “The reporters and editors who were laid off today don’t deserve this. It’s so sad and infuriating. They are some of the most passionate and dedicated people I know, and their work has made real impact on people’s lives. They’ll be sorely, sorely missed.”

“No one does this job to get rich,” he added. “Big tech CEOs do their jobs to get rich.”…

HuffPost lost about 9.5 percent of its staff and Yahoo News lost about 10 percent , Polgreen said later Thursday in an all-hands meeting with HuffPost staff, according to several sources present.


I should have thought it out a little more, you are thinking of when the REC is open, and I was thinking of when we go back to work. The REC staff may go back to work Monday, but opening to the public on Tuesday would be likely. They will likely need a day to get caught up and to fix the IT issues (CG individual phones and computer accounts are suspended if there is no activity in 30 days). So Tuesday may be the soonest RECs will open to the public.


Good to know…im going to try to sit for an exam in the next 3 weeks…


Sooner is better. What I heard on the news this evening did not do much to dissuade me from thinking that this will all start again on Feb. 15th.


Perhaps Americans could look more carefully at their system of budgeting. I understand there hasn’t been a proper passing of all appropriations bills since 2006 and the system hasn’t ever really worked as it should. A nation that can’t pass the bills that fund government in any consistent and legal way cannot function.

Americans love to say they lead the world, but this is a fundamental requirement. I give no advice as to how you sort it out but pretty clearly it arises from the power struggle between the executive and the legislature. As an aside, spending $12 billion a day isn’t a shutdown really, is it.

In Australia we have no such struggle with all executive power held by the Queen (exercised by the Governor General) who is constrained by longstanding convention to act on the advice of her democratically elected government. The Queen has no mandate as does the elected US president so there’s no conflict. And if the government can’t pass the budget the parliament is dissolved and an election sorts it out. Easy.

I’m sure the Queen will welcome a former colony back if it promises to be nice and they will never have another shutdown.


Please cite credible sources for this oft-repeated BS. I started in federal employment over 20 years ago and barring any unforeseen consequences such as a 60% majority of both parts of Congress that are as uninformed as you, I expect that in one or two more years I will equal the pay I had in a former job.

As 2nd Mate.

In 1984.

Take your “higher paid than private sector” crap and suck it.


According to the Congressional Budget Office as of 2012, it depends in the aggregate on your education level. People with the least education get more total compensation in government service. People with advanced degrees get less.


btw everybody…the shutdown has ended at least for the next three weeks however since Drumpft got nothing for his petulant little tantrum I doubt that he’ll try that tactic again!


I will repeat my quote yet again: “a group of people that are, on average, paid much higher than their private sector counter part

How can you even make an argument that a 3rd mate is comparable to a GS-14; completely different industries.

Lawyer pay is all over the map, but a GS-14 with high step probably makes more than many lawyers.

An MBA is a piece of paper, it is not a position nor job description.

Now, if you would like to compare say a traditional engineer (electrical, mechanical, civil), you will find the progression to GS-13 happens quickly, with 14 to follow if the person is motivated. And this GS-13 will very likely pay more than the average engineering position in the private sector. Also, don’t forget automatic step promotions for time-in-service, whereas the private sector white-collar salaried engineer works 50-60hr weeks, has less vacation, and must switch companies to be promoted.

It’s been proven many times, and I also have much anecdotal evidence from friends and colleagues to support it. And there also is that funny thing about how the Wash DC area has so many counties with such a high per-capita household income.


Perhaps 10% of federal employees are highly dedicated, highly productive, overworked and underpaid.

With the exception of a handful of minor hiccups, most federal workers are wrapped in a big cozy security blanket for life. They are overpaid and underworked. They have no concept of productivity or customer service. There isn’t much stress compared to private sector jobs. Many government workers would not be able to hold similar private sector jobs.

Remember what the employees at the post office were like, and the customer experience you had, 50 years ago? Compare that to now. It’s the same elsewhere in government, or worse. Look at what a cesspool of neglect the VA has become.


Looks like RECs open tomorrow for anybody that has been waiting to draw charts etc…

nmc_status_update_20190129.pdf (202.1 KB)


Application for renewed medical card sent late November. Not a peep from NMC until January 30th —-after the government shutdown ended — then several emails that same day indicating it was received, evaluated, approved and mailed. Medical card received yesterday.

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