Government shutdown delays


Not really a problem for me, because knowing how long NMC often takes, I submitted it early and still have several months to go on my current medical certificate.

The doctor fills out the USCG medical form when he does the physical. There is nothing more to it. I usually have an unpredictable schedule with very long hitches in remote places with poor communications. I had one medical certificate get lost in the mail, at least NMC claimed they sent it. It took two months just to get a duplicate. It’s better for me to let an expert with good communications handle the process.


Well then quit saying they they’re not issuing anything because your guy says so, and listen to those that know first hand that they are,


University of Alaska is looking for a 3rd engineer.


That’s quite an imagination you have there.


All going to be moot if this continues for “months or even years.”

Ready to play chicken with your career? I’d rather not, thanks

I’m getting my physical today and submitting it. I’ll update if I get a status. Or if I don’t.


Then flag it. Have you been to the CG pay thread? Might want to take a look at the last few posts before you complain about anything I have to say.


My daughter did her physical last Saturday 1/19. Scanned everything and emailed it off that day. Today, 1/23, she got an email that the new med cert is in the snail mail.

I’m doing my physical next week, but it will definitely need to be reviewed by a Dr. Fortunately it doesn’t expire for a couple of months yet. Hopefully the Gov’t will get back open before then.


Fake news.

If you are working, you will get paid…eventually.


Yes it’s a late paycheck (which many mariners have experienced), for those still working, not “working for free.”

Those furloughed by the Government are getting paid time off, they just don’t get the check until the government is re-funded.

As Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross said: “I don’t understand why government workers are seeking charity; they should just get loans (which are essentially government guaranteed) to tide them over until paychecks resume…”

That what I do, when I am furloughed. It happens several times a year. I just use credit cards and my personal lines of credit. Of course no one pays me anything for not working while I am furloughed.


He went on to say “but if they never got it [back pay], you’re talking about a third of a percent [of GDP]… It’s not like it’s a gigantic number overall.” In other words, we don’t care.


Here’s a good headline:

The Trump administration is warning immigration agents working without pay that their security clearances could be in jeopardy if they fail to cut back on spending during the government shutdown


But they can just get their food on credit from their local grocery store because they’re known there right?


Thats right…thats a big red flag against getting a clearance. Debt.
I can’t wrap my mind around how there are those condoning these gov’t folks racking up more debt to get thru this nonsense…and for those of you that are going to preach about budgeting money and living within your means to prepare for something like this and all that bs, all i can say is go to hell. Easier said than done. It aint cheap raising a family.


The problem is that most people live beyond their means and insolvency is only one paycheck, or a few hundred dollars of unexpected expenses away.

Most people do not buy in bulk, have two freezers full of food, emergency canned good for two weeks, a generator and fuel, two years of wood on hand for heating, and so on.

For most people, If anything goes wrong for few days it’s a disaster, and they expect somebody else to bail them out.


In synopsis,
Don’t marry a woman/man who doesn’t work and/or has their own money.
Don’t start making babies unless you know you can afford them whilst having expenses in the bank to cover at least 6 months.
Be sure you choose an employer with stellar medical insurance so your nest egg doesn’t get wiped out by hospital bills.


Don’t worry though, now that the largest airports in the country are experiencing heavy delays due to ATC sick call outs, surprise! He made a deal!


Don’t worry (at least for the next 3 weeks) Trump has caved and will re-open the Gov.


Now the trick will be keeping it open. Baby steps…


Don’t forget your firearms…the guy who comes (who is armed) will thank you for planning ahead as he takes all your stuff otherwise.

If you can’t defend it, then you don’t HAVE it…you’re just storing it.


Or stop whining and be glad you were born and live where you do instead of say, Venezuela or a poor/corrupt country in Africa.

Of another note, funny that nobody mentions government contractors–the last shutdown my friend got furloughed and received a notice for COBRA for his health insurance and he did not receive any back-pay.

This is a reply I made in another thread showing that the average American has been through similar times.

This is an important point. Most of working Americans in the private sector have experienced layoffs, furloughs, cut in pay, cut in hours, etc of the last 10 years. .gov workers have not. Thus, it is very difficult for joe the plumber (and taxpayer) to have sympathy for a group of people that are, on average, paid much higher than their private sector counter part, have nearly 100% job security, and will likely get back pay for their “furlough”.

Life isn’t fair. The goons in DC should do their job…but in the private sector the same occurs when CEO’s run companies into the ground. Actually, it’s not the same–the working man just get’s laid off with no notice and told good luck at finding another job.