Good time to buy OSVs?

Really? This amount of warping is acceptable? Well I guess it is since it passed class, but it dosent inspire confidence in the build quality and longevity of the vessel.

Compared to any vessel of this class built in the US for this gerneration it’s no question which is the superior built vessel.

Built to class dosen’t mean built as well as it could be, just built to a minimum standard.

Stop trying to defend everything that isn’t from america. The Chinese jumped on the last boom band wagon just like everyone else and over built using the resources that China is known for, low cost low experiance labor, cheap raw materials, and plenty of corruption.

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US built OSV:

Well played good sir well played.

One of those I have sailed on, the other I’ve seen close up. I’m sure you can guess which one my money is on for the vessel that’s going to have less problems for their 10 year survey. Although I don’t know anything about other class societies big surveys.

non of that works, supposed smart companies still get sucked in and go for cheap builds and always regret it
Fredrickson, Deep Sea Supply built a few AHTS in Singapore, they all had a school boy error in the basic design of the engine, gearbox, shaft gen mounting design so as they hogged and sagged they drove the gearbox to shaft gen shaft into the shaft gens destroying them.

As my mech eng buddy says, asian ship building has been a gift for his business in Asia as for 30 years they keep making the same mistakes and when he comes in as a consultant he just pulls out an old analysis, changes the date and re issues the fault and correction data

flat top barge with a portacabin on top, lol

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Yes they built 3 AHTS at then Jaya Shipyard back in 2011-13, if I remember right. I attended the naming ceremony for at least two of them.
They were of KHIAM CHUANG Q486 design with 15000 Bhp. 180 m.t. BP.

PS> If your buddy charged for his copy machine job he should be charged for cheating and deported from Singapore.

(Kum Chum, what a joke, must be all school kids?)

lol I went to one naming ceremony, we might have met?

It was the one where they had to the previous vessel alongside that should have been named but JF rejected it. It had a blown up gearbox, as normal in Singapore they left it out in the rain during the build and on the sea trial or the bollard pull it blew up, oh damn, full of water instead of oil.
Wartsila couldnt deliver another for like 12 months so Jaya owned it.

Re the cheating, the Naval architects should loose any license and maybe the shipyards or perhaps they are in collusion with consultants to give them business from the NA’s cockups?
How can you keep making the same beginner mistakes for decades?
Asian shipyards are a gift to foreign mech eng consultants fixing their cockups.

I have a big list of beginner design faults from those vessels, Sea??? I worked on 3 of them
The shaft gens should haveput them all off hire but, in the boom times you can get a DP2 vessel on hire with one shaft gen.
I dont think any of them had both shaft gens installed at any time after commissioning?
The accommodation was nice i must say.
All welding very nice although lots of cracks as class had approved something that was just too thin.
JF also very smart as he got build dates prior to mandatory FMEA’s so the yards cut every corner they could.
None of them were actually DP2 as they were full of single faults.

yes OZ is bad, I worked for an American OIM that joked the AB’s earnt more than him.

Lots of Aussies mariners that work outside Oz don’t want to work at home because of the problems caused by MUA.

PS> I have done Off-Hire surveys on quite a number boats that return to Singapore after some months in Oz and can attest to what sporks said. (Well known in Offshore circles)

So who did the FMEA and signed it?

PS> Solstad, who merged with Deep Sea Supply, has cancelled the Bareboat Charter on the three vessels in question:

FYI: SFL = Ship Finance Corp. Limited, a Fredriksen corporation:

as i said JF was smart in the days when you could run a weld on a plate and get a keel lay date so he did hence the vessels were built years after their build dates.
I think FMEA came in July 2008 in all classes

This allow them all to be built before the FMEA became compulsory for your DP class
Also allowed him to buy a pile of 3508 cat gen sets non compliant in Europe but he got exemptions for them all.
We did actually find an fmea he paid for on one vessel, was just thrown in a cupboard somewhere. And yes we had all the faults from that list years later as nothing was done.

Bridgewater Offshore buys two more Posh Terasea anchor handlers

Posh Terasea has been liquidated but Posh Kerry still has a big fleet. The Posh company structure is confusing.

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This is not true in that the generators are still AC and output is converted to DC at the switchboard before going on the DC bus. The “savings” come in being able to run the generators at most efficient speed for the load at any given time.

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thats the catch with medium speed engines they have a narrow rpm range.
If they fill the boat with high speed diesels then the variable speed DC gen set works till the frequency converters on ac gen sets are cheaper and then they will swap back, again again

No, but the paint job is great. I even covers the rescue boat painter.

Bourbon is offering 6 small PSVs for sale at USD 8000k each:

All laid up at Batam, with shipyards and drydocks all around.

Akastor take control of 5 AHTS vessels from DOF Deepwater

5 x 200 t. BP AHTS vessels valued at USD 35 Mill. that is dirt cheap.
Here is specs:

It went a little fast there. Now corrected-

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Apparently the market for second hand OSVs are not good enough for some .
Vroon sells three OSVs for scrap, even if they are in good condition and well maintained;

Beside, that take them out of the market.