Good Time To Buy A Cruise Ship

I guess OSV’s aren’t the only types of vessels on sale?

They may be going for pennies on the dollar but I wouldn’t call it a good time to get into the cruise ship business. Jus’ sayin’.

Just something to run around in on the weekends to catch fish & show off to your friends. Or a hotel vessel for the offshore oil industry? Or maybe a rescue vessel for SeaWatch to pick up refugees off the coast Africa to ferry to the EU? There’s all types of life left in these 18 cruise ships from this budget cruise ship line.

Even at a giveaway price of $100 million, give or take, I can’t think of anything to do with one that would turn a profit. Their fate wasn’t exactly unpredictable but it’s probably been factored in the books leaving the investors empty handed and Arison with an ever bigger golden parachute.

Great idea, drop them off in Svalbard or Skarsvågone.

Won’t fit on the trailer and the neighbors, as good as they are may complain.


I think Carnival & its subsidiaries operate on every piece of water on the globe so I can’t imagine they would sell them at a price that would make it harder for them to compete once business picks back up. A lot of Carnival clientele is after budget bang for the buck & not so much luxury.

In that case they may end as raw supplies for a razor blade factory in Asia.

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Buy one of the ships and take it to a high COL area and rent out each room for $1000/mo if you can get away with it.

What about in Skarvågtwo?

When you copy from Google funny things can happen.
I don’t know how you came to find out about Skarvåg. but it could be from any of the many hits when googling “Skarvågone”:Here is a couple of examples:
----travelled all the way to Skarsvåg, one of the northernmost villages of Norway.

Or here:
In Skarsvåg, one couple from the Baltic area came to work at a fish plant,

Many sites mentioned:
I am happy to invite you to Skarsvåg, one of the small fishing villages at the island of Magerøya.
Most likely to be your source. (??)

One hit actually had Skarvågone; yours, here on gcaptain forum.

I did it the old fashioned way, by looking at a map and finding two places next to the water in the part of Norway where you wrote they would be welcomed.

Save them for RIMPAC '21 SINKEX.

Now THAT would be some entertainment