Good time to buy Container ships

Singapore’s 3rd tire container shipping line PIL has sold three more ships:

Maybe a good time to buy second hand Container ships at Fire Sales?
Although not JA compliant, maybe something for MARAD to look into?

They are mainly interested in RORO or CONRO for sealift purposes

There are stacks of those laid up around the world, but not sure if the are available on “fire sale prices”:

Here is some laid up in Lyngdal, Norway;

What about getting together, pooling resources and establish “Gcaptain Shipping LLC”?
Foreign financing is available with the right Management, ships and business plan.

Container feeders from Caribbean, Central American, Mexico WC and Canadian hub ports to US ports appears to be ripe for the taking.

Major Container lines would probably be jumping at the opportunity to avoid US Ports.and to use Mega ships on the long Pacific and Atlantic crossings.

DP World and other major port operators would be willing to fund, own and operate modern container ports anywhere, as long as there is infrastructure to transit containers to market.

Central American and Canadian authorities will also love the idea. Maersk and Vancouver Port are already planning something like this, but with rail connections across the country and to the US:

Idea is free for the taking.