GOM Questions

Many of you guys have said, that when applying for jobs in the gulf that you should have your sea bag packed and be ready to go…If you have your personal vehicle down there do most of the companies have lots that are safe to leave them…???

Yes… unless it’s hurricane season when you have a choice to risk a flood or give your keys to the company and risk getting fired after they find the AK-47 in your back seat. I’ve seen a grown man cry in each of these situations.

As long as your behind the locks in golden medows your good. Even during Katrina the cars were OK there.
As for the AK-47, I want some more information. I have never seen a company policy about wepons in your car, on the boat yes, car no. And this is South Lousiana, I’m sure the guy moving the car had more guns then he knows what to do with.

I thought that most companies do not allow weapons on company property. The company parking lot would be company property. Not trying to derail this thread, but I have often wondered how this type of situation would play out.

That is true, but a few months ago, right behind the office where everyone can see, one of the managers opened his door and his Glock 45 hit the ground. There was only about 30 people there to see waiting to crewchange. OOOPS!
Some military contracts like on the Wheeler require the crew to cary arms as part of the assett protection plan. Same company.

Thats why I want more info, this is the oil patch. If your liked you can get away with murder, if someone in the office has a hard on for you the slightest toe out of line and your gone.

Good to know…My AK-47 doesn’t fit good in my seabag anyway…Especially with that pesky bayonett lug on it…
Not to sure how I am going to do this but I’m planning on making the trip down there right after the first…Flights are cheap enough ,I just thought with my own wheels it might be easier…
I’ve written down most of the GOM stuff that has been posted in the past but if anyone would like to add their perspective on anything like motels,areas to avoid,ect…I am always ready to listen…