GOM Offshore Job Market heating up?

There’s a lot job openings not just in the GOM Offshore market. I will believe the GOM market will be heating up when wages rise above the what I believe to be the following minimums and then they also have to be coupled with way better benefits.

Unlimited Vessels
Master 1,000 a day
Chief Mate 750
2nd Mate 650
3rd Mate 500

Tug Boats
Captain 700 a day
C/M 550
AB Tankerman 400
AB 300

These are the minimum wages that GOM would have to beat/ rise way above to get people to even start get people to think about jumping ship. Tell me what you all think.

I think we are already at these rates and beyond with some of the GOM companies. Some companies are even bringing back travel stipends.

I’d rather be on an OSV than a tugboat. More comfortable, especially since ‘safe manning’ has filled more bunks on already cramped tugboats.

I came super close to going back but as fate would have it something in my backyard popped up that pays competitively.


Yeah, I have seen the crewboat ads, and some contract jobs for mates and DPO’s on the drilling rig side of things. Of course, for those you would need to have an Unlimited license, not the trade-restricted OSV license that are more prevalent on the supply boats.

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Good for you Ctony.

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And it seems that more boats are being brought out of stack. More positions to fill, should be interesting to see how that will go.

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Hopefully they get new bodies to fill these spots instead of calling up all the folks that don’t say “no”. Friend of mine was on his off time from up in Valdez and the coordinator was trying to get him to fill a GOM spot. Whole other fucking division!! He asked, “You gonna pay for my last minute flight?” Coordinator said no. “Comes with the job.” Long story short he told the coordinator no, which is what I always do when they ask me to work over. If you don’t want to give people any incentives, then its not worth our while. Bayou bullshit.


Won’t pay for travel?

What a half-ass company with a half-ass bayou mentality.

However, I hope all the oil patch boys polluting the tug and barge business go running back to the no travel pay or expenses bayou.


Those valdez guys paying their own travel? That can be a real expensive plane ticket.

Any other type of employment in the US must pay full hourly wage while traveling and all travel expenses. As I recall, it’s the Portal to Portal Act. Apparently Mariners are exempt.

Right now would be a good time to stop working for these shit companies that won’t pay travel.

They get travel to Alaska, but this was when he was off, in the lower 48. Last minute tickets nowadays are pretty expensive no matter where you’re going seems like.

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