Getting underway

Found this sight today and I am very excited to have found it! I moved to south Fla in May with a dream to earn money and fall of the grid for mounts at a time out to sea…(MY DREAM JOB) carpentry got old/

I got my MMC/OS TWIC passport STCW all on my own with the help of google. I have tried the white boat avanue hear in fort. lauderdale with some ok results “lots of karatie kid, wax on wax off” they say the season starts “for yachts” in late oct… but I am a “worker” I want to be tired at the end of the day.

I have so many questions and so very excited to see where this is going to lead me.

I am ready to go tonight!!! no kids no bills no wife na-da. I am willing to pay for training anything to get my foot in the door I have emailed all the GOM CSV companys with my resume and have been considering this SIU business “Paul Hall” but the same results hury up to wait!

[B]I want to go to work any Ideas?[/B] I will drive to texes new orlines, what ever it takes! I WANT EXPERIENCE and am eager to soak up any info you Salts would be willing to share.

kindest regards

If you get a job on a yacht you will be tired at the end of the day. And then you will be on anchor watch.

yea thats my point. i want the best way to gain experience and it is not on a yacht… i worked for a Captain who instructed me that the best way to gain experienc is on a tug, csv or cfv he had done all those and 4yrs with the uscg he told me how to go about getting the right documents to do so… well i got those doc’s and now i am praying for an entry level JOB!

[B]AHhh working on a yacht wasn’t so bad for me. I probably would have never been able to afford some of the places I’v been. Working for cool owners was the biggest plus. [/B]
[B]I’ve heard straight from deckhands/Capt’s about how some of the owners (ie: Harrison Ford) was an a__hole to work for. And no company policy about that, no filling of “greivences” just get off the boat. lol[/B]
[B]Moved to a commerical Fishing vessel to get an upgrade. Wow, two different worlds.[/B]
[B] But ! I wouldn’t trade time/expierence from [U]any[/U] vessel I’ve been on. I will run my favorite 2 saying again. [/B]

[B]* It’s not work if you like what yer doin…[/B]

[B]* If your bored, it’s [U]your[/U] fault. [/B]

[B]Good luck.[/B]

You want to be tired? You want seamanship experience? Try commercial fishing.
Seattle, WA is a good place to start your search.

HAH nice way of putting it…

somebody told me once to find something you love to do then find someone to pay you to do it and you will never have to work a day in your life…

i have not even goten the chance to be bored yet… my only fault is not getting the chance to try…“yet”… my oppertuneity…it will come I am sure!