George ll (ex-Horizon Reliance)

With seemingly little fanfare the ex-Horizon Reliance, now George ll, is back from being repowered in China. She departed Long Beach and is on her way to Honolulu. The Horizon Spirit is on her way to San Diego where she will presumably lay up while Pasha decides what to do with her.


This picture may have been taken during one of her sea trials back in December. Not quite done.


There’s already one laid up in SD isn’t there? I forget which one

The Enterprise was laid up last September when the Janet Marie came out.

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A bow rider? How old is that ship and why did they convert vs building a new ship?

She was built in1980 at Avondale for Waterman as the Edward Rutledge. They ran it for about 4 years at which time they turned it back in to MARAD due to financial problems. In 1990 SeaLand bought it for $6.5 million and for another $6.5 million converted it to a containership. As to why, there were several reasons. They were built stout given her original purpose as a LASH ship. The cargo hold tank tops were 3/4" thick. At one time SeaLand spent the money to blast and coat the tanks before the cancer (rust) in the inside got too bad. She was well taken care of by the people on her which made her a decent candidate.

Time will tell if it was a good decision but compared to the cost of a new Jones Act ship…

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My god they converted the Horizon Reliance to LNG power? :expressionless:

Why George II? Named after this guy? Interesting choice for a modern containership…

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Gotta be the Pasha group patriarch……if I remember correctly……


Also, LASH/SeaBee ships must be immortal or something!

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The Reliance is in stunningly good shape for a ship built in 1980 and her permanent crew takes immense pride in keeping her that way. She’s fast and strong and I think it’s awesome that’s she’s got a new lease on life.



PASHA gives their vessels stupid names, but whatever. Now I’m gonna imagine this whenever I’m reminded of that fact.

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Maybe more of the same to follow?:

Source: Vintage containerships persevere despite market do... | myKN

From an earlier article:
It appears that the conversion involve more than just from HFO to LNG as fuel:


Pasha named its vessels after family members. Something many companies do.

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So the British Royal Family owns Pasha? There’s got to be a Jones Act violation in there somewhere… :thinking:

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Only if they called a ship Charles III.
George II is passed “Statute of Limitation”.


Those ships were extremely well built. The APL’s C-8s were outstanding!

Because using Chinese yards for conversion and maintenance is cheaper than building a new ship in the USA. They’ll keep editing and maintaining ships way past their expected life span.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Jones Act.

Pasha and Matson act like we need the Jones Act to protect ourselves from China, while doing all of their vessel maintenance work there.

Jones Act could use some amending. Still need to protect the jobs but the ways these companies go about their business is very hypocritical.


Even very big companies:
The family-owned MSC-MediterraneanShippingCompany named their own container ships after family members; the ships on long-term charter have geographical names.

Now, with many hundreds of ships in their fleet, the expansion of family members could probably not match the explosion of the ships number…

There already is protection in place. Any USFlag company that brings their ship to an overseas ship yard has to pay duty and tariffs on the parts and labor. It can be up to 50% for many of the items that take place and gets factored into the planning of the project. No one gets a free ride.