gCaptain Forum - iPhone 5

Does anyone else have any trouble with the size of the gCaptain app on the iPhone 5? My app comes up the size of the iPhone 4 on the screen of my iPhone 5, which is more elongated. When I try to edit what I’m typing things don’t line up. It’s very frustrating! What gives!?

You’re not alone bro. I type in Notes then copy/paste. But sometimes I forget until it comes time to edit. Doh! Sometimes you can’t see all of your text after the paste in the reply editor but it still posts. Same thing in some other forums that use this forum app.

FWIW, I’m on the iPhone 6 now and I guess since its wider and longer it fills a little more screen but there is still a slight letterbox effect though not as bad as the 5.

I second that on the 6. It’s not perfect, but better than on my 5s, though I still have trouble typing. It’s like the letters pressed aren’t always recognized as being input. Have to proof read quite diligently.