GAO: Coast Guard's icebreaker plan faces risks in four key areas

in other words, the USCG is asking Congress for almost $10B to build three glorious brandnew heavy icebreakers but barely has a clue now to actually build them

am I the only one here who sees a whole new massive US federal government shipbuilding DISASTER in the making!

I only know a few things for certain: they will go over the budget many times, ask for more funding many times and will have paid significantly more than what they should have for these 3 vessels.

Other than that, it should be great!!

why are these ships now more than $3B each? before all the discussion was of $1B per…what kind of larceny is taking place here? what an unashamed kleptocracy are we living in these days…and this while our merchant fleet withers down to an emaciated underfed skeleton!