For the Gamer in you!

I am sure my site does not appeal to everyone, however, I am also sure there are some avid gamers mixed in this bunch. Some who spend long periods on the water and as soon as they hit the Channel are trying to figure out how they are going to spend their precious few days off. Well if you have internet my site is a Gaming site. We cover xbox360, PS3, wii, PC, etc… News about upcoming games is frequently updated, we have an arcade for those who have spare time to burn and little to do with solitaire, Majhong, Sudoku, etc… We also have clans, and a bunch of really great guys.

I know, your thinking, a website for kids… Not exactly. I am 40 and our ages range from 19-48… Since we are not a corporate site and have a more mature age range we also have areas to discuss politics, Religion, etc…

I have worked in the O&G industry in the GoM for over 15 years, and I am sure I have ridden on some of your boats. I am not Spamming, just trying to offer a little place to go in your free time, I also have John’s approval to post this.

Just like with GCaptian registration is easy and free.
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Summer is here. No matter what your plans are, BE SAFE!

Visit us, we get lonely …