Gallant Ship Citation

I think there should be a movement to award the mariners aboard the Maersk Alabama some sort of official recognition for their actions, such as the Gallant Ship Citation. Who nominates them for that?

I’m going to second that motion, they’ve really made me proud to be going into the USMM

a 3rd from me… and a dinner with the president, which I’m sure will happen. I think the captain should lecture about his experience at all of the maritime schools and VSO programs…should he decide to take a break from sailing after that experience.

Any bets on how long it will take them to be on 60 Minutes, Today Show, Morning Show, etc? I’m taking a week - and they’ll be on 60 minutes next weekend.

They deserve some form of award, they’re conduct was both “in keeping with the highest traditions of the Merchant Service” and “Above and Beyond the call of duty.” I think those two phrases usually are found on medal and award citations…

No doubt that first there will be a book, then a movie and oh yeah… big pay day. Glad they made it out, but oh yes… not looking good for the next group that get jacked. I wonder how long we will have to argue the pros and cons of carrying water blasters and noise making devices. Also tired of hearing that “we are to dangerous to ourselves and guns are to dangerous… unless you are a criminal of some sort”.

I have to agree - I don’t want to be on the next U.S. ship that get’s hijacked - if the Somali’s are serious, they won’t be coming home to such a celebration.

Book, sure… Look at Skip Strong. Wrote a book about his unique salvage experience. But he’s still working, as a pilot on the Penobscot last I heard, so a book doesn’t bring in THAT much money…

I don’t know how much books bring in… but good true stories sure do… especially if you can say you were rescued by Navy Seals… Who knows, but his stock just went to Mars as an advisor to other companies. Nothing like first hand experience. I am sure his perspective on what could have been done to prevent the boarding will be neat to read. Hopefully we get to hear about it soon.

So, I emailed MARAD, and asked expressed my opinion that the crew of the Maersk Alabama should receive some recognition for their actions. This is the reply I just got:

Thank you for your interest in recognizing the heroic actions of the Master and crew of the MAERSK ALABAMA. Please be assured that the Maritime Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation are considering the MAERSK ALABAMA for appropriate recognition for their actions.

As soon as the official announcement is made, I will forward you a copy.

Pat Thomas

Office of Sealift Support

Maritime Administration


If you believe the government, then thats cool. Of course I have a healthy distrust of government bureaucracy…