Future of ships


RRM and AXA to team up on the future of ships and shipping:


Wilhelmsen is true believers in the future of ships and shipping and they put their money where their mouth is:


The Yara Birkeland will not only be the first autonomous container ship in commercial service, she will also be the first to be loaded and discharged by fully automated cranes and supply vehicles:


Following the the thread of this conversation there are many who spent as many years at sea as I did. For the record the last ship I sailed as Chief Mate without any satellite navigation and two fishing boat radars was a 50,000 Dwt Norwegian bulk carrier in the early 70’s. The accomodation was first class and the ship was very well laid out. The whole operation of the vessel required properly trained engineers and mates and traded in areas of the world where shore support was impossible. These areas still exist and while electronics, instant satellite communications and improvements in automation and engine reliability have allowed crew with less academic training and cheaper costs to man ships these trading areas continue to exist.
We don’t have another dimension like aviation where drones, paragliding, gliding, light aircraft and commercial aircraft can exist safely with rules. The family of 5 out for an evening sail, the party boat, the tug and tow and the autonomous ship. Beam me up Scotty!!!


Directly from IMO:


IMO answer questions about regulations for Autonomous ships:


Good news about the need for seafarers in the future:



The lithium-ion-based systems for all four vessels, called the Orca Energy Storage Systems, is supplied by Corvus Energy(<–Canadian). Kongsberg Maritime(<–Norwegian) designed the supply and integration of the hybrid power into the vessels’ control, power monitoring, and dynamic positioning systems. Corvus and Kongsberg are contracted on all four of vessels operated by MexMar as well.


The first Hydrogen powered Fast Ferry in USA will be put into service in San Francisco Bay next year:

Here is a presentation of the ferry:


Don’t know if the Hydrogen from renewable energy for “water-go-round” will be produces in Norway, but it is certainly going to be a new source of income for Norway as the usage increase in Europe:

Shipping it all the way to San Francisco is probably not an option, unless in large quantities.


Been reading a bit and it seems for cars the industry thinks batteries will win over hydrogen.
Hydrogen not getting better, batteries are.
No infrastructure yet built to refuel hydrogen
Some recharge built but very easy to build.


Hydrogen refueling facilities does exists here in Norway, but not yet wide spread. (But concentrated in the Oslo area):

The worldwide status as of last year:

A new contract for NEL should improve the situation in USA however:


There appears to be several that wants to claim they are building the first Hydrogen ferry:


The Ulstein Blue Box has been tested during one year of operation on the PSV Rem Hrist with good result:

The owner have now decided to install Blue box technology on the rest of their PSVs:


take data from a vessel and send it ashore via the satcom, been happening for years?


It is not sent, it is automatically harvested This is the new paradigm for ship management, and service providers are filling the vacuum:



same thing if devices arent exporting data you cant get it, simple IT, IP is a two way process
Of course if your vessel in connected to the internet, you are asking to be hacked and thats the technical side connencted not the TV side.


It is two way. The processed data is returned ti the ship and available on the bridge in real time and assist the Master/Officers in situation awareness and decision making on the spot.
It will also assist in optimal use of resources at all stages of operation, thus reduces fuel consumption and emission.
During the test period on Rem Hrist this has been proven to result in 10% less fuel consumption.


sounds like a test for crew-less vessels?
" Capt there is a vessel on out stb, ok just ask Siri what we should do and if that doesnt work ask Google assistant"


Rolls-Royce Marine (commercial) will be part of the Kongsberg Group, which will form the largest and most technologically advanced supplier of Maritime equipment:

Good news for the Maritime cluster here in Sunnmore and Aalesund, which will now be even more central in the R&D, testing and eventually delivery of such equipment to the world market.

The people working at RRM is ecstatic that their jobs are secure and that the company was not sold out piecemeal, or to some hedge fund, financial speculators or stripping experts from the City or Wall Street.

That it is a Norwegian company that is the new owners is less important according to the Union leader in RRM. “Rolls-Royce have been a good owner, with few problems or disputes between management and unions” he said.