Furious passengers aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship staged a near-mutiny because their “Mystical Fjords” tour turned into a “holiday from hell”

Seems to me things would have been calmer if staff stated up front what were the objective conditions (wind speed, direction, sea condition, too many rats, whatever) that made it impossible or imprudent to land at a given port.

People really hate being treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

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Cruise ship passengers are an ignorant lot. There is no reasoning with them.


Flåm and Geiranger are indeed remote and small villages, but they are the two main ports of call for cruise ships visiting Norway. They ARE the “mystical fjords” of the cruise brochures of all cruise operators:

As shown in the Cruise News thread the NS also visited Ålesund, another main port of call for cruise ships, with abt. 170 calls this year.

BTW; If the guests would stop throwing anything but sh*t, pee and toilet paper in the toilets there would be a lot less blockage to complain about.

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Cruise pax are generally looking to drink and swing from the chandeliers and behave like idiots. I don’t give a tinker’s damn if they feel they got screwed. It says right there in their contract that port calls can be cancelled or changed on short notice. Next time actually put some thought and planning into your vacation you damned knobs.


Autumn weather in NW Europe and especially the west coast of Norway and around Iceland is notoriously unpredictable.
Information on the places that was on the itenary are easily available, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Flåm (340 inhabitants) and Geiranger (230 inhabitants) are small villages.

I’m not sure if Ålesund was on the itenary, but this is a “metropolis” of 45000 inhabitants. (68000 from 01.Jan 2020, when 4 neighbouring municipalities gets incorporated)

PS> I noticed in the video that the toilets are of the Jet vacuum type, which blocks easily if any “foreign objects” are thrown in them.

Norway sucks.

What a superior comment to the problems of cancelled cruise call and clogged toilets.


Was just trying to be like you, but towards Norway instead of the good old US and A. Oh, and one more thing…MERICA.

Yes MERCA to you to:

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Sandals are wrong type. Need the wide strap shower shoe type if you’re big enough to ride a hov-er-round. :rofl:

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Grow up


Ok, God. Will do.

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That pic is perfect!!! Thanks for posting.

I guess I had that coming. Nice one :slight_smile: