FSO NABARIMA with 173,000 tons of oil on board suffering water ingress,

FSO with some 173000 tons of oil on board, positioned in Venezuelan waters, is suffering water ingress in superstructure/engine room area, with water in some compartments being up to 1.5 meters high

Could be legit but the something about the photos seems off.

Someone went and checked up on it.

For the sake of the national welfare of my former TT shipmates country, and nearby Venezuelan residents, this issue should be followed closely by those in the gCaptain wheelhouse. A release of crude oil from Nabarima would be catastrophic. Some may think that a flushing action from Serpents Mouth through Dragons Mouth would quickly flush a spill into the Caribbean Sea but that is not the case. Multiple, variable gyres exist in Gulf of Paria, that would carry lighter-than-water fluids to both the Trinidad and Venezuela coastlines, with unimaginable consequences.

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Ain’t on our shores, yet. But am very concerned about lack of response for both vessels in not too good shape. Everybody loses no matter what. Much easier to remedy this potential disaster while they are still afloat than when they sink.

Ain’t that a fact, but who is going to do it?

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Anybodys guess Bug… I think if cargo was collateral, they will come. Have a few professional salvagers in mind. Broken politics , mini wars and greed come to mind. The environment is at extreme risk here. Sad all the way around. Waiting for the major news networks to focus on those two vessels more than this clown show election by both parties.

Yeah, I was wondering: at what point do the salvers step in? Foundation Maritime would have had them by the short hairs ages ago.

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Per splash247, M/T Icaro is apparently inbound to lighter the Nabarima. Hopefully there will be something to lighter by the time they arrive.

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Yet is the word. If the ship loses its cargo it likely will affect US territories in the Caribbean and possibly the mainland. There should be a national response now to lighter and prepare to contain.

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NBC has the story.

T&T very worried :-

Sending their own people :-

Oh, did I mention the (USN) forecast?

Some ‘experts’ from Trinidad toured the ‘FSO Nabarima’ on Tuesday:
“She is now upright, with no visible risk of sinking.”
The Venezuelans plan to offload the crude (partially?).