From gCaptain ‘Significant’ Fire on Vehicle Carrier Sincerity Ace


I’m assuming the missing crew member is still onboard because of those reasons.


Hey DeepSeaDiver,

Do you know if they definitely have Sincerity Ace under tow yet?


I haven’t seen any pics of Sincerity Ace under tow circulating yet although, Koyo Maru is heading West @ approx 6.0 - 7.0 knots


Yeah I tried searching Google for hours if you’re wondering.

I was assuming DeepSeaDiver has an upgraded account with one of the ship trackers which I don’t have. The question should have been which tracking site do you use DSD?

Google search should be called “Narrow dead end search” it sends you a limited range of options using algorithms based on meta data it collects from you, all they care about is sales and dumbing people down.




Master of the Green Lake describes heroic rescue of seven crew from the Sincerity Ace

Deck was hot enough to melt immersion suit bags. Crew left by descending man ropes into the sea.


Yeah… that would suck. Kinda makes you wonder what was going on where that was deemed a better option than using the lifeboats.


My guess is the boat / accommodation deck got too hot. Crew had to retreat. Fire spread upwards too quickly during fire fighting efforts.