Freighter Travel - Segment to Panama?

Is it really impossible to get a segment journey via freighter? We travel regularly to Panama and are tired of airports and the hassles involved. We would like to go by ship, if possible within the month, spend three weeks or so there on business, then return to the U.S. We are flexible as to dates both ways. We’ve been searching for more than a year for segment service and keep coming to dead ends. Is there a way?

Hi Chris

If you’re asking about hopping a ship in exchange for work or whatever, the chances are essentially nil on a commercial vessel.

I’ve included a couple links to freighter travel, which certainly is possible. Generally, one pays about 100 dollars a day. Looks like fun.

Your other possibility is a private yacht. Its conceivable that one could make enquiries at marinas, and find someone to take you down. If you find such a gig, take lots of pictures and let us know how it goes…

Good luck…

Thanks, but we’re retired business travelers who have tried the sites you suggest.