Free Maritime Media Training

The US Coast Guard will be offering USCG Web 2.0 and traditional media training and risk communications in May for senior Maritime officers from countries around the world. The media training and risk communications training will be conducted by The Pincus Group, a media training and crisis communications executive training firm in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Training is scheduled to take place over three days at the USCG’s International Maritime Officer’s School in Yorktown, Virginia. The senior level skill development is designed to illustrate US best practices in media relations and crisis communications for International maritime entities nominated to attend.

Training will take place May 13th, 14th and 15th for On-Scene Coordinators and Incident Commanders with responsibilities during incidents such as oil spills, hazardous materials releases or crisis incidents such as acts of terrorism.

The Pincus Group provides executive coaching for public and private sector clients around the world in media, speech, presentation and crisis communications.

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