Free Books


Once again, thanks for the books.


Are there any books available still?


No, I’m sorry. I had to give up my place when I went to work this time, so I gave the unclaimed books to the SPCA charity shop. If there is one you are interested in, I can see if they still have it, maybe.


I feel your pain. I recently donated over a conservatively estimated $3000 worth of books. Most were published in the last 15 years as I tried to keep my books up to date. I offered some of them for free to assistant engineers who were looking to upgrade. They each said they didn’t need books as they had practice tests programs and all they wanted to do is pass the multiple choice test. Knowledge of the material or the theory held no interest for them. These were all USA maritime school grads. It is disgusting to me that all these “professional” mariners want to do just pass a multiple choice exam. I did sell a few to Filipinos and Croatians, zero to US mariners. The deterioration and rot in the US maritime industry can be explained easily .


In the future I will keep this charity in mind: Book Aid for Africa. They provide textbooks to schools, colleges, and universities in Africa.