Forward looking SONAR from front page

Is this a thing now?
I have installed a few back in the day on sailboats and they really were almost entirely useless in ICW type environments. In shallow water with a soft gently sloping bottom they hardly could get a return and the warning you got before going aground was on the order of 50 feet or so, which is not incredibly helpful unless you watch it nonstop and can stop in a boat length.
Reports I got back once they got to some other areas were a bit better, you could see something like a steep-to island or coral from much farther away, and probably big icebergs too.
Our only customers for high-end searchlight sonar were fishermen looking for fish, not obstacles. What would one use such a thing for on a ship? Ice? Coral? Whales dead ahead? Surfacing subs?
They were some really good tech, but you could only use them at about 8 knots or less or the housing got damaged.