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Dear Gentlemens,
I came to USA one year ago and have a valid United States Permanent Resident Card. Just one month ago I’ve got U.S. MMC AB Seaman Unlimited.
I worked in Tsakos, Leda Shipping, Columbia Shipmanagement , Stena Bulk. I have 14 years of experience mostly on tankers fleet.
Unfortunately, National Maritime issued me MMC AB Seaman Unlimited with Look Out Duty only. I was wondering because in Europe I served as an AB Seaman with Rating Forming Part of Navigational watch. I sent to National Maritime the Sea Service forms from my previous companies, as evidence that I was involved in this duty. I hope that National Maritime should decided my request positive. However they say that its very difficult to them to make decision because I came from foreigner ships and they forwarded my request to other authority. This is called a Request of Reconsideration. My previous Swedish crewing department of Stena Bulk wondering from same thing and alredy confirm to them my last service.
Many times, before emigration, I was as crew member to the USA and our vessels were under U.S. COAST GUARD inspections. They inspected our certificates, experience, safety and security. All my certificates consisted with international standard. But why U.S.C.G accepted my capacity when I was in USA as a crew member with international certificate of competency and why they are in difficulties to make decision right now ?! I’ve successfully finished all additional U.S. courses according to U.S.C.G requirement. Of course, I do not agree to start from scratch. I think my experience deserves fair decision. There is no one company in Europe having and employing AB Seaman with look out duty only. Otherwise they have another position for Ordinary Seaman.

Welcome to the United States of Bureaucracy. Take a number and sit down, The National Maritime Center will be right with you.

Results May Vary

[quote=anchorman;19907]Welcome to the United States of Bureaucracy. Take a number and sit down, The National Maritime Center will be right with you.

Results May Vary[/quote]

Even makes a preacher want to cuss.

Try this, it’s a quote from Mr J D Cavo, he works for the USCG.
<HR style=“BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1; COLOR: #d1d1e1” SIZE=1>"[I]If you disagree with the <ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM>'s decision, you should request (in writing) a formal reconsideration of the decision. Send the request to the the Commanding Officer of the <ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM>. If you disagree with the decision on thie reconsideration, you can appeal to the Commandant of the Coast Guard. That appeal gets decided in <ACRONYM title=“United States Coast Guard”>USCG</ACRONYM> HQ, but must be sent via the <ACRONYM title=“National Maritime Center”>NMC</ACRONYM>."
You’ve asked for reconsideration, so you’re already on the correct track. There a lot of problems at NMC lately, don’t give-up, keep at them.

Thanks for your support…:slight_smile: