Foreign Flag Seatime on US License

Sorry in advance if this has been brought up before, but I have done some searching and can’t find a definite answer.
I just recently got laid off by my office job with my company. They extended me a sailing position as a Second Engineer on a foreign flagged ship. (Would like to stay with company benefits, 401k etc.)
I currently have a 1st assistant engineer license and was wondering if any one used foreign flag sea time to upgrade to Chief Engineer and if they had any problems with the Coast Guard.
I am assuming I only need 365 days as a Second Engineer to fulfill all requirements to upgrade my 1st Assistant license to Chief Unlimited?

Yes, foreign seatime is creditable. On foreign flag ships the 2nd engineer is the same as our 1st engineer. The time would be creditable towards C/E.

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Suggest you re-read the guys post. The OP was being laid off from an office job. He happens to have a 1st license.

Thank you @Chief_Seadog. I would of just asked NMC but it sounds like they are swamped and don’t respond for weeks.

See 46 CFR 10.232(f)(2).

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The chat function is very useful and you get instant answers. Maybe even the right ones.