For Real? $115k/yr 100t Ferry Captain

100t captain gig at $115k/year w/govt benefits & home every night. Is this for real? Does anyone know about this or is it a scam?

Thanks Jim.

Uuuhhh, is this a Nigerian Princess scam? They are paying no-Z-card deckhands around $60,000 a year, plus overtime. Surely the GOM offshore crew boat drivers out there are all over this deal? Or is it a union-mirage thing.

I already applied. They are VERY picky.

That sounds like the bremerton-seattle passenger only fast ferry service they’re trying to resurrect. I’d heard Kitsap county (bremerton side) would own the boats, and king county (Seattle side) would manage and operate them. Same outfit that runs the seattle-west seattle ferries. Might be real deal, but cost of living can be high there

They are VERY picky. I applied as well.

I have no desire to apply but I am curious…

What are they being picky about?

Your criminal background.

Well that makes sense I guess. You can’t be but so picky when you are just looking to fill a 100 ton master position.