Flying Ferries

Maybe a Flying Ferry is more to your liking?:

All electric, but not autonomous (yet).

Company has great financial backing, but regulations (local) will be something to watch, wherever they operate or attempt too. Something going 180kts on the water is a risk that many P&I’s will not insure.

From an article, UK issues:
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) insists the vehicles should be classified as aircraft, whereas the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) both classify the craft as boats.

A CAA spokesman told Revolution.Aero: “Ground-effect vehicles would indeed be classified as aircraft by us, as they meet the definition of an aircraft, [in using] its wings to generate aerodynamic lift. We would classify a ground-effect vehicle as a seaplane and it would be expected to meet exactly the same design and airworthiness standards as other seaplanes.”

I wonder what the maximum weather limits would be for that? In terms of wind speed and wave height etc.