Float coats!

I will be spending my winter in the NY / NJ area working the deck on a tug. Going to buy a float coat in the next week or so. Most likely going to get a Stearns versus a Mustang $$$$. Been doing some research and looking for a recommendation on a place to buy one. Prices range from $218 - $350 for the same damn coat. Anyone know of a good place to score one at a reasonable price…? Thanks


Amazon? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_10?url=search-alias%3Dsporting&field-keywords=float%20coat&sprefix=float+coat%2Caps%2C282#/ref=sr_pg_1?rh=n%3A3375251%2Ck%3Afloat+coat&keywords=float+coat&ie=UTF8&qid=1380595376

Hamilton marine

Sterns has 2 models. One is regular lenght ( think waist lenght)the other I think is called a “bomber”- its a lot longer torso section, say below your fingertips. The short one rides up so bad, but the longer one does not.

Either way, it’s safer and more comfortable than a carhartt coat and a vest. It’ll take a year or so for the float coat to get broken in “just right”.

I like the long “first watch” ones. Lot of nice features, and a warm hood plus plenty of pockets/loops. Nice rugged materials too. Doesn’t have the “break in” like a stearns does. newer “catalyst” mustangs are nice but cost the long dollar. Should be able to get one online under $200 shipped. Google shopping is your friend with the exact model number you want. I wear an XL in almost everything but would be fine in just a large in this case. “First watch ac-1100” if that helps.

I’d personally avoid a short waist length one, I’ve never been comfortable in one Nevermind actually working on deck in one.

Gotta get a mustang integrity, bomber style. Everyone will think you are a pilot.

I have a steans in my garage ill sell you (or anyone) if you want one that bad. Probably wore it a few dozen times.

Good info, Thanks. It’s a shame a supplier doesn’t offer a discounted price to folks "in the industry ". I use to be a snowboard instructor and I would get all my gear half off. Now that I have real job it’s friggin full boat retail for everything. Eh, won’t matter once I get to the bridge :slight_smile:

I bought two Mustangs off eBay at $150/$175, new without tags. Sold a Stearns suit and one of the jackets since also on eBay.

I have two brand new bomber style never worn in my closet. Only problem is they have the Turdwater logos on them. I had more but I give them away to family and friends over the years to use while duck hunting. I got one from Hornbeck as well. Most companies down here give them away as a safety award.