Fleecing of Maritime Academies and Heritage Organizations


Good read on what’s going down at MARAD, lately…

That is crazy that, that much money can go in such vague ways

[QUOTE=Slick Cam;156224]http://www.maritime-executive.com/features/fleecing-state-maritime-schools-and-heritage-organizations

Good read on what’s going down at MARAD, lately…[/QUOTE]

That’s like $500K each to restore ship models in their own building. What are they made out of? Who made them, Lorenzo Ghiberti?

[QUOTE=jdcavo;156322]That’s like $500,00 each to restore ship models in their own building. What are they made out of? Who made them, Lorenzo Ghiberti?[/QUOTE]

I want to know how economical it was to conduct and award a contract to conduct 10 oral histories of former MARAD employees.

Typo…or idiots? This makes no sense: how can they EARN money by PAYING a metal recycler?

“The waste uncovered by Representative Graves relates to ship recycling. The Maritime Administration (MARAD) pays domestic metal recyclers to dismantle excess government vessels. The funds earned from this program support maritime heritage programs, state maritime schools, and the vessel operations revolving fund. This isn’t a small amount of money. Since 2005, the government has collected over $75 million, but where has this money gone?”

I think it just means the commission or whatever you want to call it that the scrapers keep.

MARAD is as corrupt as federal organizations come! Sleazeballs, with no interest in the success of the maritime community! We once had a MARAD representative speak to us during my time at TMA. All he did was discuss how lucky we were to have a training ship at all, and his words showed no interest in the further development of any Maritime Academy, but rather a “you’re lucky to have anything”, or “disgusted” demeanor. Very sickening to hear, and see where their priorities are NOT. They care about their own job, and the number on the paycheck, nothing else.

Maybe this latest example of political and bureaucratic misfeasance will provide a swan song for Barbara Mikulski. She has gone against MARAD in the past so is familiar with the way those parasites work. I think she owes the American mariner something in return for the time she has spent at the MEBA manor house in Easton.

The MARAD administrator is a double dipping former submarine captain who has only seen a merchant vessel through a periscope so his role cannot possibly have any purpose other than repaying his political cronies for another shot at the public treasure chest.

Most Americans don’t even know MARAD exists, much less its claimed reason for existing: “Mission: To improve and strengthen the U.S. Marine Transportation System to meet the economic, environmental and security needs of the Nation. In our work across the government and the industry we support and advocate advancements in the business of shipping and marine transportation, both domestically and internationally.”

As an American mariner I fail to see how recording sea stories of MARAD bureaucrats fills any of those responsibilities. Nor do I understand how repairing ship models contributes to the “economic, environmental and security needs of the Nation.” However, those ship models are probably the only exposure any of those bureaucrats ever get to a merchant ship … what they used to look like, not what they are and why they are so critical to our economic and security needs. They probably need them in the halls of MARAD so they can feel “salty” from something other than beer nuts at the bar while being entertained by lobbyists who need the U.S. Merchant Marine to go away.

I think this is just another example of how badly our government has failed in virtually every aspect of its responsibility to the American people. It is another corrupt organization that needs to be purged of parasites who cannot be held personally or professionally responsible for the corruption that defines their existence.