Flashing Light Course near Baltimore

Does anyone know of a fishing light course near baltimore? I don’t see one on mitags schedule… Would I need to drive to norfolk?

I may be wrong because I took my flashing light at mid atlantic but can’t you take it at the rec? I thought someone told me that’s what they did.

Cannot do it at the REC any more. You have to do the “class”, but it only takes as long as you need to pass the test.

What are the most convenient schools for flashing light in Louisiana?

L.E. Fletcher in Houma

MEBA’s Calhoon (Easton, MD) has it on demand

You can take it at MITAGS. You must call though for it isn’t a class per say. They administer the test when requested. They do have a disk with a flashing light program on it and some study materials. The good thing about taking it there is they use the same program for the test that is on the disc.